I Love Lamp: The Kitchen Part 10,000,000

Our kitchen is that part of the house that is just a black hole of work. Or at least that's how it feels when we find ourselves getting supplies to paint it or making a new light fixture plan AGAIN. But. But! We're getting there. "There" being a place that's cozy and functional enough to enjoy until we do a real deal renovation on it at some point TBD.

Since I last wrote about my "just paint the damn thing" revelation in June, we went ahead and just painted the damn thing. Well, half of the thing.

Forgive the 30 racks of cheap beer and the charcoal bags and such laying around. Not to mention all the storage that is now open. But you get the idea!

We painted "half" of it as in a) only halfway up the wall (very much on purpose) and b) didn't get around to the floor yet. It's like Steven had an entire children's book to illustrate and I had an Inn to run and so we were too busy to prioritize it. Oh yes, in fact, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.


The other big thing we did was take out a counter on the west side of the kitchen that used to run next to the sink. It lacked proper storage like the other one and was generally just a home to clutter up top and dust bunnies below. Sorry, it turns out I disliked it so much I never photographed it but here's what we're working with now:

All in all it makes that corner of the kitchen feel much more open. Though speaking of open, the entire portion below the sink is still open which is not so appetizing. Still working on our solution there. Also a solution to our mini fridge outlet which is weirdly in the middle of that wall.

And here's the view towards the stove where you can sadly see that porch paint on linoleum like this with no glossy top coat wears like crap.

This is why you do test corners! So some kind of poly top coat it is. Because I think once we get the floor a uniform and not-yellow color, the whole place will come together a bit better. 

I'm also currently thinking up solutions for the how-to-hide-the-under-part-of-the-sink and how-to-hide-the-hotel-storage-shelves questions... And what to do about lighting since we don't want to keep using the horrible overhead fluorescents. And what to do about garbage and dog food. Anybody know any really reliable and easy on the eyes containers for both? We've been striking out with our choices for them.

It's progress though! It's progress.

(What is I Love Lamp? This is I Love Lamp.)