It's been BUSY.

We had our annual Seder, this year topping out at 18 people plus 2 babies!

everyone in the kitchen.jpg
everyone seated.jpg

We moved the dining room table into the room with the piano along with two other tables from the hotel and, unsurprisingly, it inspired a lot of rearranging around the house in general... Still figuring out if we like it this way.


Steven has a trout painting show up at Clove & Creek in Kingston and it's gorgeous. Big ones, life size ones, and adorrrrrable mini ones!

art show.jpg

My dear friend Kate visited from California and was maybe the only person withinin a hundred mile radius excited about the never ending snow.


And real deal interior demo begins on the barn this week and I am SO AMPED! There are a lot of finishing details I still need to finalize and that's been been both exciting and stressful. Much like with our initial hotel renovation, my mom and her twenty-plus years of experience as a designer has been super helpful. (Thanks Mom!) Not to mention we're working with the same contractor who did our kitchen and he's great at helping come up with sensible solutions along the way.

barn demo really beginning.jpg

And of course this baby. OH this baby! I love her so much. She gets more and more fun each day.