Mixing Patterns With Stella Jean, Glamour in the Country

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod I absolutely NEED every single one of these pieces from the Stella Jean Spring/Summer collection!

#1 I love West African fabric. #2 I love mixing patterns. #3 I love those tiles, and I know they don't come with the clothes, but still.

Out here in "the country" (I don't know why I'm putting it in quotes... maybe because I feel like a bit of a city slicker/asshole calling it that?), good luck getting me to wear anything that's not some variation of this:

Occasionally I'll get throw a Nordic sweater in, like today--

But it really doesn't get much crazier than that. You've got to put function just a hair ahead of fashion out here when it's 10 degrees on the regular and you're out doing stuff like chopping wood and shoveling and hiking and such.

My closet is still full of city stuff that mocks me every day, like these faux silk pants--

And all of my heels--

But I've figured out a short cut to feeling glamorous: LIPSTICK.

Yup, even in the woods. I'm telling you, the number one occasion for which I put on lipstick now is a hike. I'm not even kidding. People might chuckle at me, but to them I say-- it's not like it gets in the way. Geez. Let a girl have a little glamour.