Ode To Squarespace

This is an entirely unsponsored ode to Squarespace because I FREAKING LOVE SQUARESPACE.

It's ridiculously simple to use, especially if you've ever mucked around with Wordpress or, god forbid, actual html. And they've got all kinds of beautifully designed templates you can use as a launching off point. Plus everything is optimized for mobile devices as well.

I just redesigned the whole Spruceton Inn BY MYSELF over the course of two evenings and I could not be happier with how easy it was to do and how well it came out! (If I can toot my own here for a second.)

You'll have to poke around to get a feel for it since screen shots won't do it justice. But I'm so pleased to finally be able to easily highlight this place's beauty throughout all the seasons, as well as some of the more fun and particular stuff we get up to like our Artist Residency and our Workshops

And since I was diving down the website redesign rabbit hole, I decided to upgrade both our other websites from back in the day: our book website for To Timbuktu, AllTheWayToTimbuktu.com--

And our old joint website TelephoneAndSoup.com simply because that web address still appears on the back of our book. 

Also, some asshole bought up LocalLanguageLiteracy.org and is trying to sell it back to us, but fuck that noise. I just put all that info in AllTheWayToTimbuktu.com since most folks find out about the project via the book anyway. 

Now, of course, this means I keep squinting and this website and thinking, What if if just...