I Love Lamp: Done with Demo, Time to Rebuild the Kitchen

The demo part of this project is done! Gone are all the old appliances, walls, drop ceilings, floors... The space feels ENORMOUS now, especially with the floor dug out.

And now it's time to start rebuilding the place.

Last week they added more support to the roof which apparently had a bit of a sloping pagoda thing going on. They also did a bit of straightening of the walls which meant our south facing windows moved a full two inches! 

Currently I'm finalizing the exact placement of all our electrical work so that can go in this week-- including in the bathroom/laundry room right off the kitchen.

Tomorrow the plumber comes and is going to move some awkward waste pipes and set us up for our sink and dishwasher. (A dishwasher! I know! THE LUXURY.)

facing the living room.jpg

Then come the stones and the concrete floor which needs to get in asap so it can spend time curing. 

Watching the demo has been so damn satisfying but obviously I'm thrilled to moving on the rebuilding part so soon!