Jet-Setting Craziness in Croatia

So, Steven and I went to Croatia... FOR THE WEEKEND.

My dear college pal Alexandra was getting married to a wonderful Croatian guy, Ivan, and well, we just were NOT going to miss it.

I love living in the Catskills but holy shit does it add so much time to international travel!! It took us twenty-three and half hours door to door to get to Split. Once we arrived, knowing we had only about sixty-five hours there total, we cut straight to the fun and stayed out every night til 4am.

Cliff jumping into the sea, dancing to exhaustion, laughing to the point of tears with friends old and brand new... It was SUCH a good time!

I'm not sure I would ever schedule something that insanely quick again, but oh my gosh I am so glad we did it. Such a beautiful town, some of my favorite people in the world. All around just an adventure. Congrats Alexandra + Ivan!