So Close

Yesterday Steven and I were in Lowe's buying lightbulbs and gravel and lord knows what else-- there's always something else!-- and we were totally that miserable couple you see in stores like that. We are both SO. OVER. buying things for this hotel. And want oh so desperately to just open already! We had friends come by on the 4th and it was so much fun--

And encouraging too-- it's so great to see people enjoying themselves on the property. And to learn from what they need and suggest. But it gave us a taste of what it will be like when this place is full of guests and oh my gosh WE WANT MORE. We just want to do this already!

So why aren't we open yet? Because we're waiting on our final permits from New York State and the bureaucratic backlog is staaaaaaaaaggering. We're such a small operation it's hard for us to be a priority, but being this small and missing so much of what would be our busy season means... well, it means that sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep at night.

Before this I never understood why new restaurants and such couldn't give you a hard opening date but I get it now. And the fact that the State can't give me a hard date drives me absolutely bananas because because this is a reservation based business!

Every day I'm asked, "Are you open yet?" Sometimes I laugh about it. Sometimes I explain the situation in detail and list all the silver linings. Other times I think I might just break out into hives right then and there from the anxiety.

It reminds me of this website I came across for pregnant women who are constantly asked, "Have you had that baby yet?"

So that's where we're at. No, we're not open yet. Yes, it's a huge fucking bummer. But yes, one day this will all just be a funny story to tell. (Knock on wood!) At the very least--apparently I'm in more of a silver linings than a hives mood--it's BEAUTIFUL out here. And there's nothing like the epic scale and force of nature to put things in perspective for you.

Here's to seeing you all up here sooner rather than later!