We Should All Dress Like Toddlers

Seriously though. We should all dress like toddlers. Or at least like Amina dresses herself because girl is a sartorial INSPIRATION to me. I know I’m the one buying her clothes so I’m kind of giving her the supplies, but she is the one creating the art in these ensembles:

It’s kind of silly, but I really do look forward to seeing what she chooses every day, how she adds and subtracts to the outfit as the day goes on, (bandanas are BIG right now but seem to only make an appearance in the afternoons?), how she mixes all kinds of colors and prints and textures with abandon. I mean, why not put a bathing suit over tights and carry around a teapot given to you by your namesake? Maybe because it’s terribly uncomfortable and impractical, fine. Maybe we never actually left the house in that one. But all in all, dressing herself is absolutely a form of self-expression for her right now and I am loving what she has to say.