Writers, Dumplings, Foliage, and Giggles

We hosted another workshop with Chloe Caldwell last week at the Inn. This time they got to meet in the barn which was rad! (Tables were completed just in time, haha!) Assistant Innkeeper Hannah and I sat in on the last night’s reading salon since we’d served dinner in there and they couldn’t kick us out ;)

writers in the barn.jpg

Speaking of food, Steven, Hannah, our other Assistant Innkeeper Lexi, and I all made dumplings last week in the name of “research and development” I’ll just say that you should probably keep the weekend of February 2nd clear…

dumplings to eat.JPG

And today was such a beautiful fall day. Bright blue skies, the leaves starting turn, 60-ish degrees. I always get a little panicked at the end of summer, like I haven’t taken advantage of it enough. I do still wish there were just a few weeks more to splash in the creek and wear linen dresses, but I had a damn good day with Amina all cozy in our sweaters as we took care of odds and ends at the Inn and ran around town.


Tomorrow is my first full day off in what feels like approximately three thousand years (it’s been closer to two weeks, but man has it been a wild two months) and I’m so excited to watch the movie My Family and Other Animals. Lexi lent it to me after we figured out we both love the book while bar tending together one night. (Thanks Lexi!)